Who Knew Renovating My Home Would Be This Fun!

For a long while I had been considering giving my home a new look, but couldn’t devote myself to the project because of the lack of time. But during an unexpected break from my work schedule, I decided that it’s high time and really set about making all home improvements which I had been thinking about.

First Stop, Kitchen:

I looked around my home and there were some problem areas that needed attention immediately. One of them was the kitchen. I was bored with my dull cabinets. The wood texture had started fading. So, firstly I gave the cabinets a good make-over. I added doors and two drawers and after a spanking new coat of paint, the cabinets looked as good as new!

Buffing Up The Bathroom:

I wanted to give the bathroom a new look without going overboard with the expenses. Installing a new bathtub seemed like a good place to start. While I was still looking for new ideas, my friend suggested me to replace the chipped bathroom tiles and her idea was pitch perfect. I applied ceramic tiles and voila! The bathroom looks so very different!

Adding Functional Closets:

Now my house being old was a little cramped when it came to storage space. I visited some online websites recommended by people at work and fixed in on one which gave me the option of designing my own customized closet online! Within weeks, the items were delivered and with a beautiful closet in my bedroom, the whole appearance of the room seems to have changed.

Plumbing Check:

Next I decided to spend a few bucks on the more internal stuff. Since plumbing is something which none of my family member is good at, I hired a plumber and had him check and fix all the damaged passages and any water leak situation. It was a relief knowing that the water system is working absolutely fine.

Decorative Ingredients:

How could I miss out on adding a few decorative items here and there while I am at my all home improvements mission? I went on a shopping spree and bought a beautiful chandelier for the drawing room, an exotic rug and three amazingly framed paintings. My drawing room looks like a dream after these additions.

What looks good inside, must look good outside as well. Hence I gave my lawn a quick makeover with a few more plantings and a nice mow. After all home improvements, I have received only compliments regarding how different my place looks like now.

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How A Home Décor Can Change The Ambience

Why I Take The Guidance Of Home Improvement Service?

I spent my whole childhood in a rural atmosphere; I used to live in a wooden cottage with my parents; mild breeze blew down the tree; the divine beauty still now raptures by mind. But due to my professional life I had to shift in a congested town; for first few months I really suffered through miserable condition in that world of brick and cement. The whole day passed by in work pressure but at home when I used to be alone I just broke down in hue and cry. But it was not possible for me to move into the countryside and day by day I was suffering from obsession, one day an idea stroked into my mind- what if I renovate my house and give it a rustic look. There is a popular proverb- drowning man catches a straw; I was in that situation as I thought this may help me to get out from obsession.

How DIY All Home Improvements Service Changed My Life

As at that time I did not have much saving to invest in home remodeling. That’s why I decided to take help from DIY all home improvements service. This service provider helped me in various way; they not only provided me ideas but also supplied me kits. They give step-by-step instructions, even via video; they focused in every small detail. I changed the floor by wooden flooring materials, and then I appointed a home painter to draw country side designs into by bedroom and drawing room. It gave an ethnic looks to those rooms. After that I changed the setting of the bathroom into rustic designs. I got various ideas on plant implementation in small places and also implemented grass flooring into the balcony.

From that time whenever I reached back at my home I just enthralled by the essence of entering into my small paradise.

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Hands-On Approach To Home Improvements

Growing up in Louisiana, I was always taught two very important lessons by my dad from a very early age. Firstly, never keep dragging a task till the last moment and secondly, if you want it done right, you best get your hands dirty doing it. Hence, it came as no surprise to my husband, Paul, who also happens to be my childhood sweetheart, after we moved to Ohio, that I wanted to repaint our dining room and kitchen and I wanted it done ourselves!

First Attempt

So began our enthusiastic effort to give a whole new look to our house. However, after recoating just a wall each with whitewash, after which the original color, was supposed to be painted, the realization of how tedious all home improvements such as this happen to hit us. We had estimated it to be a mere two-day job after which Paul was to fly overseas for business. After breaking our backs and almost passing out of exhaustion at night we managed to complete just whitewashing the kitchen area the night before Paul’s flight. Next day sitting alone, disgruntled by the poolside, I looked around the space in our backyard and suddenly came up with a brilliant plan to both complete the paint job and have a blast!

Reinforcement And How!

Just a simple text to all my closest buddies: “Pool party at my house. Free beer. Conditions apply though :P”, and an hour later my house was buzzing with people. Even though some of the lazy ones did complain at first about the repainting job and how it will ruin their attires, once the nachos and beer came out, all of them joined in and had the repainting done in no time. And what happened after my walls were shining in bright peach? All of us got in our bathing suits and had the pool party that I had promised them, which in addition also cooled them down instantly. So who said all home improvements had to be lonesome and exhausting?

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Improve Your Home With A Dazzle

This is the age of modular home appliances. So why not give an x-gen look to your home. The corporate look of my home can improve upon my personality too. It is very essential to invest at least one time for my home once among ten years. Me and my family home will be updated with the modern trend. You should also try this. Keep some vacant space in front of your home to make a parking for the guests. Instruct your engineer properly to have a wide reflection of light and air at every nook and corner of your home. It depends on you and your family members to build a new harmony at your home. A bright and dazzled home improvement can encourage your spirit. A final touch up of the experts will envy your guests even from outside of your home.

The Front Door

The front door gives a first impression of your home for your guests. You can give an ethnic touch to your front door. It could be well crafted by some popular images or you can give a smooth wooden police to your front door. The way you feel about your small world can be conveyed on your front door. It can be a glass door as well with a wooden frame. The new way of a glass door looks more elegant. Nowadays many kind of glass is available. It can be fully transparent or smoked. You can see your guest from inside but your guest will not. So you will be protected from all types of strangers. Nowadays sliding front doors are also very unique when you think of an all home improvements.

Floors And Ceiling

The kind of wood that you choose for your entire floor set up needs to be polished and of a good quality. You can think of a marble flooring too. Think of a concrete floor that could be easily maintained. It might happen that after some day your floor gets so untidy and you cannot use a normal cleaner at your home. You have to always call the experts. This might be very effective. You can attach a false ceiling at your home to give it an industrial look. It will be focused with enormous light effect that gives your home a dreamy look. Even the walls will look different with a proper reflection of ceiling light.

Paint Your Home And Add Trendy Accessories

You should make a research of wall painting by different experts. Paint your home holding the hand of expert painters. It might cause you a little big investment but will make your wall tell a story every time you look at you. For your kid’s room you can think of a Disney painting or paint it with his or her favorite cartoon character. You can bring the starry night sky right at your bedroom by a tremendous expert painting. Add some flower paint to your living room walls to give it a fresh look always. Invest a little to buy the modular accessories for your all home improvements. The shape and design of the modular furniture will make you crazy for your home.


All home improvements is nothing but a sight of your own taste and feelings. Hurry to make your home dazzle with your unique sense of décor.

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